Cleaning Services

Virucidal Fogging Using our powerful, dry steam fogging machines to disinfect vast areas which is 99.5 percent effective. KILLS COVID 19 OVER LARGE AREAS Government approved, V1 virucidal fogging that can completely disinfect vast areas for up to 7 days. LANDS DRY ON SURFACES Sanitiser lands dry on all surfaces without causing damage, and does not need wiping down. POWERFUL VIRUCIDAL FOGThe mist attacks airborne pathogens first, before attacking those on surfaces once it settles. BEST AVAILABLE EQUIPMENTHeight adjustable blowers than can spray in any direction, with fully automatic operation Full Sanitisation Service OUR SERVICES CAN BE ON HAND 24×7We can provide our services on aconstant standby basis , ensuring that these crucial hotspots get disinfected and sanitised as frequently as possible. WE CLEAN AND THEN SANITISEWe ensure all surfaces are disinfected andsanitised following normal cleaning , in order to … Continue reading Cleaning Services