Spotless H2O Online COVID-19 Cleaning Course

Our new online course is designed to educate film and TV cast and crew on the best practices for cleaning, sanitisation, and hygiene to prepare them to return to work in TV and film.

The course is designed with social distancing protocols in mind, allowing you to complete it remotely on this via multimedia presentations followed by a test at the end. The course incorporates real-life strategies used on film productions to combat COVID-19.

Course Aims & Objectives

  • Learn how to apply COVID-19 best practices relating to the commercial, TV and film industry.
  • Implement cleaning, sanitisation and hygiene protocols and procedures to enable cast and crew to work safely on location, in a studio, and in production areas during the prep, shoot and strike of a production.
  • Understand how the COVID-19 Coronavirus is transmitted.
  • Understand the chemicals you can use to destroy the virus, and how to safely clean the workplace.


Course Duration

Approximately 2 hours.