We specialise in water waste management for the tv and film industry

With offices and depots strategically placed near Leavesden, Pinewood, Shepperton and Three Mills Studios we are able to provide comprehensive coverage within the M25 and vitally be able to keep our vehicle emissions down. our Vacuum Tankers provide the latest vacuum tank technology. We have various sizes within our fleet which we will delegate to productions based on location, needs and budget.

We use vehicles that have a septic tank.

We use vehicles that have a septic tank that is made up of a number of chambers, an inlet drain ( there the waste enters) and a soak away. We drain the waste using an inlet pipe and then solids and liquids are separated (food will be separated from water here). The solids fall to the bottom of the tank and the water goes to the soak away. The solids are regularly emptied so that no blockages occur and the soak away is simply drained at a water treatment plant.

Our vehicles are especially designed

Our vehicles are especially designed to empty the following
• Waste Tanks – 1000 litre gallon steel tanks
• 500g and 700g plastic effluent Tanks
• 1000L and 2000L water magic bowsers
• IBC’s
• 3000L and 5000L bowsers specifically designed to handle catering.

We will provide a specialist consultation.

We will have a specialist work out the best and most efficient and eco friendly way of emptying your waste via a tankard waste collection service. We aim to keep vehicle emissions down by using local water plants to dispose of waste which will help a production with its Green incentive. All our processes are compliant with EA requirement. We are investigating breakthrough decontamination technologies for hazardous waste like bio remediation which may reduce the risk of landfill.