By not mixing hazardous waste, Human Waste or grey water waste we will be able to keep your production’s carbon footprint much lower than if the waste were mixed as per traditional methods. Grey water has to go through much fewer cleaning procedures than hazardous and human waste meaning we can keep the costs down and be green whist doing this.

Our Facilities

Our facilities have Environment Agency permits to accept a wide range of liquids, such as food waste, leachate and waste contaminated with oils, including sewage. The treatment process involves the reception, blending and oil separation of liquid waste for recycling. This enables the resulting effluent to be further biologically treated. Alpheus is a registered waste broker to ensure a full waste disposal service can be offered to its customers.

Your Eco Friendly Solution

We will have a specialist work out the best and most efficient and eco friendly way of emptying your waste. We aim to keep vehicle emissions down by using local water plants to dispose of waste which will help a production with its Green incentive. All our processes are compliant with EA requirement. We are investigating breakthrough decontamination technologies for hazardous waste like bio remediation which may reduce the risk of landfill.

We can drain water from sites that could be blocking access to set or a backlit ( i.e. A depression in the road that gets filled with rain water).

Assistance can be provided with regard to legislation, disposal routes, classification of wastes and the use of appropriate paperwork. All waste collected will go to a permitted disposal facility, ensuring that your statutory requirements are met at all times.